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this is the 1st song of New GREEN MILK FROM THE PLANET ORANGE. Flac audio with 24bit/48k.



"i'm here"
"i'm here"
thousands of screams
from the edge of this world
even in my mind

don't want to turn away
what's going on
but can't see light
can't see hope
just wandering in the dark

in the silence in the darkness
struggling for my faith
but i know
i am not
the one can stand alone

hold me
hold me
but my scream never reaches
been looking for
the pain i feel
the pain you feel

"kill them all"
"shoot them all"
thousands of screams
driven to the corner
even in my mind

felt found the answer
in dreams of drugs
but dreams are gone
peace far
our pain going on

believe the one
not believing me
but i'm not a saint
days repeating
again and again
left me in the past

but i still hope
me believe this world
this is my scream
so i play my sg
my plexi roar
i still scream

i'm still looking for the way to find the stream of light through my despair

can't call
never come
little by little
losing me
do you feel me
am i real
is that disappointed
let me believe you
though you don't have
me inside
but i want to believe
at this bottom
where people living
just living
i want to believe, believe what?
believe these sonic riffs

cutting off
it is gone
you don't need
you don't repeat
staring at
deep inside
there must be light
i know it is there

now you know
the poor still bleed
the world still betrays
as the history so far
but even if smashed up
into piece by piece
we rise from ashes
never die
never die!

where's light
where are you
can i find
can i see you again
in our lives
in the world on us
even if i lose my life
can i still talk to you

still alive
at the darkest bottom
down on the floor
my time quits to move stuck on the floor
but my eyes find the words
graven on the roof above
remember my scream
"rise again"

get up

run through
the nights bleeding
breeding light coming out
can you see?
screaming on the streets here
you still hurt
so you still run
where is our love?

rises from ashes
we arise
even though we fall
over and over

over your grieving
over our screams
and you never die
i never forget you


released November 3, 2016
recorded at Studio Zot Asagaya, Tokyo by Hisatsune Ryo in September 2016
mixed by dead k
coverart designed by Sohale Kevin Darouian
Wadamori Yu, Fender Jazz Bass '73
A, Drums
dead k, Gibson SG+Agitation



all rights reserved



GREEN MILK FROM THE PLANET ORANGE was formed by dead k, A and benjian in 2001. benjian was changed to T in 2003, then released 2 full-length album and some records, did many tours all around the us. T left in 2007, then Margarette H joined in 2008 but the band stoped at the end of 2008. and in 2016, dead k, A and the new bass player Wadamori Yu starts GMFTPO again. PROGRESSIVE ROCK IS NOT DEAD. ... more

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